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Abogado Aly: Immigration Law

Abogado Aly describes throughout this blog the changes made in US immigration policy throughout history. Changes in public sentiments towards immigration have led to the different Immigration policies in the United States, and from these policies, there are many economic factors that reduce the well-being of the native population in the United States. Public policy lead to a more open family-lead immigration policy implemented by the United States. The United States looks towards a more humanitarian approach where the right to be a citizen is more important than the value of that citizen. Economically, we see that there are small economic benefits that come with immigration; however, the amount born by the US natives seems to be a lot greater than the amount born by a country that bases their immigration policy based off professional factors, such as Canada. In the United States, low-skilled natives are losing jobs and money because of immigration, while in Canada they are gaining jobs and closing the wealth inequality gap. When looking at immigration through an economic perspective, it is difficult to make assertions towards one way or the other because so many factors have to be held constant; however, it seems pretty obvious that the United States’ immigration policy is not liked by the populist. Since there is so much opposition towards the immigration policy in the United States, changes to the policy are bound to arise in the near future.

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